Listing your ads on our site is extremely easy. Not only do we give some great benefits but our prices are hard to beat. We offer business’s 2 great pricing options pay per month or yearly subscription plan all unlimited ads .Our unlimited ads is however is conditional restricting business’s with more than one franchise or store , dealership , business’s will need a seperate plan for each site or store. Private sellers par per year subscription and receive unlimited ads for a entire year in any category, other than real estate , as we sincerely urge our private sellers to list with an real estate agent. Private sellers also will have the ability to sell or auction as well as bid on live auctions

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Category Listing Prices

Per Month Price(EXC GST)

Per Year Price(inc GST)

Real Estate $500.00 $5000.00
Cars/Trucks $400.00 $4000.00
Boats and Jet Skis $200.00 $2000.00
Caravans $200.00 $2000.00
Motorbikes/Quads $200.00 $2000.00
Shed’s/Carports Garage’s $100.00 $1000.00
Machinery $100.00 $1000.00
Hardware $100.00 $1000.00
Electronics $100.00 $1000.00
Clothing $50.00 $500.00
Shoes $50.00 $500.00
Supplements $50.00 $500.00
Gyms $50.00 $500.00
Tyre’s $50.00 $500.00
Job’s $50.00 $500.00
Private sellers $50.00